Arctic Seaweed from Lofoten Islands, Norway


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Harvested from the Lofoten Islands of Norway. This blend of Sugar Kelp and Winged Kelp combines ocean flavors and mineral nutrients in a savory mixture. Known for its strong umami taste. Sugar Kelp gives a sweetness with its production of mannitol creating a natural sugar. Winged kelp adds a slightly salty taste of the sea while adding mildy nutty notes to this savory mixture.


Sugar Kelp, Winged Kelp

Sugar Kelp is easily recognizable with rippled edges and alligator-like skin. With a strong umami taste, sugar kelp also produces mannitol, a natural sugar that gives sweetness to your food.

Winged Kelp is more commonly known as wakame, this seaweed is split down the middle by a midrib like a leaf. Winged kelp has a distinct but pleasant taste of the sea. The taste is slightly salty and mildly nutty.

How to use

This pure seaweed blend is an ideal salt alternative adding a savory umami flavor to any dish. Sprinkle this handcrafted blend over any seafood dish, tartare, or even create your own delicious pesto.  

Net Weight: 2 oz 

Product of Norway

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Michael K.
United States
I recommend this product
Arctic Seaweed

I enjoy the Flavor,Aroma and the Appearance on your meals.

Danielle C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
I could eat this straight out of the bag

I wanted free shipping so I added this item to my order. We regularly use seaweed in our cooking/over rice in our household so I thought why not! This item comes in a white, sturdy paper bag inside a very cute cylinder container for better storage after opening. The flavor is a little salty (but not very) with some umami flavor. It's not overwhelming or particularly strong/pungent like some seaweeds. It tastes great just out of the bag (sprinkled some in my hand and ate it straight) and I bet it'll taste even better as a garnish or over rice. Can't wait to use it and see what the family thinks! The price isn't too bad and I'm glad I tried it! Might have to buy again when this bag runs out...which could be soon.

Ben L.
United States United States
Great Taste

I have been using rice seasoning for a while and this one amazing, this one definitely has it's own distinct flavor that I have gotten used to. Not only good for rice, but eggs, miso - you name it!

United States United States

i love the umami flavor it gives

United States United States
good salt substitute

they were right, this is great as a salt substitute. it is very flavorful

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